"Corona Blues" COVID-19 pandemic is putting people into pressure.

 "Corona Blues" COVID-19 pandemic is putting people into pressure. Image / Pixabay Corona Blues is a combination of the words " Corona virus " and " Blue " which means depression. With contact between people disappearing and isolating each other, going shopping or going to a movie became a brave act, and everyone hid behind a mask and couldn't breathe fresh air. People who have lost their freedom are suffering from depression. This is an unprecedented syndrome. Many people have lost their daily lives . He is socially isolated and confined to his home for fear of viruses. This isolation pushes a person to the brink. Those who have become economically difficult as well as socially isolated have more grief, which soon leads to depression or seriously exacerbates existing depression . This anxiety that many people feel when there are no effective treatments or vaccines is extremely natural. However, if the condition persists, there will be a negative impa

Protect your skin hiding behind the mask. The effect of COVID19 on the skin.

Under the influence of COVID19 , we are paying more attention to the term 'immune' than ever before. Because I feel it's the best we can do now to protect me from harmful substances coming in from outside, not only the respiratory system but also the entire body and the immune system of the skin. As interest in and interest in immunity increases, "skin immunity" is also important for consumers. No matter how much I hide in a mask, my skin is very precious. An age in which immunity is important Since the spread of COVID19, consumers have been paying keen attention to improving their immunity to protect themselves from germs and viruses to the extent that the term " immuno-reducing phobia " has been mentioned. Skin is no exception because it is more committed than ever to managing the body's immune system to counter the virus. This is because as the period of wearing masks increases, the skin becomes more sensitive and the intensity of self-healing dec